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Fine Art Pricing

What's on your walls?

All of the images in the Fine Art galleries are available printed on metal, acrylic, canvas, or on fine art paper. Each medium will preserve the image for a lifetime of inspiration. Standard pricing on each medium is below. 

In Home or Office Art Consultation

Too many images, sizes and mediums to choose from? I’ve heard that a few times. If you live in the Tahoe Basin, just call me to set up an in person consultation. I bring a tape measure, blue tape, and samples of each medium to help you make the perfect choice. After we discuss your favorites, I’ll create a gallery for you of the images which you’re drawn to and complement your home.

Pricing on standard size images

Metal   or   Acrylic      

12 x 18      $300

16 x 24      $400

24 x 36      $600

 30 x 45    $1200

40 x 60    $1800

40 x 80    $2500

48 x 96    $2800

Panoramic sizes

15 x 30  $500

20 x 40  $800

24 x 48  $1200

30 x 60   $1500

36 x 72   $2100

40 x 80  $2500

Canvas Wrap

16 x 24     $300

24 x 36     $500

32 x 48     $800

40 x 60     $1200

Custom sizes  available

Please reach out and we'll discuss your specific requirements

Acrylic and Canvas direct through me  

Locals only, friends and family, & multiple image discounts

Contact me directly:

561-302-6800  dotpixels@aol.com

Portrait Pricing

After a portrait session is complete and your final images have been electronically delivered to you, you have the option to print these anywhere you like.  For smaller sizes up to 8x10, I would suggest a lustre or matte photographic paper.  Above that size, I love the look of portraits printed on Moab Entrada Bright Rag, an exquisite Fine Art Paper which adds texture and a sense of timeless beauty to the image. These would then be dry mounted and framed by a local print shop.  Pricing for these, along with portraits on Acrylic, metal and canvas are  available in your gallery when  you click on the "Buy Bucket".         

Prints on Metallic Paper

Metallic paper has a glossy finish and metallic appearance that creates images with exceptional visual interest and depth. In addition to delivering rich, vibrant colors and flattering flesh tones, this paper offers century-plus image stability.

Fine Art Giclée Prints

Giclée Prints are made with high-quality archival inks on fine art papers using a high-resolution large format inkjet printer. Premium inks produce images with smooth tones and rich colors, making these prints ideal for extraordinary presentations.

Acrylic Prints

Beautifully modern and radiantly clean, images are printed on ¼" polished acrylic, then mounted to a finished white backing for beautiful depth and clarity. The corners are rounded,  and the specially designed mount frame allows the image to hang 1.6" away from the wall.  These are my favorite!  Standard sizes up to 24 x 36.

Fine Art Canvas Gallery Wraps

Traditional and economical, images are printed directly onto museum quality canvas material using high quality archival inks. The canvas print is then wrapped around a stretcher frame so that the photo's edges are visible on the sides of the frame. Available in custom sizes up to 42 x 92.

Metal Prints

Metal Prints preserve photos by infusing dyes directly onto specially coated aluminum sheets. Because the image is infused into the surface, colors are vibrant and the luminescence is breathtaking. Images are mounted on a 1/2" spacer, and no frame is needed. Practically indestructible. Available in glossy or satin finish. Custom sizes up to 48 x 96. 


Horizontal images may be split into three sections to add visual interest, however, if an image is sized at a ratio of 4 x 6, the image may end up cropped.  Examples of this are below. A triptych can be ordered in Acrylic, Metal, or Canvas.    

This image, and most of my images are in a ratio of 4 x 6. With the original ratio maintained, this image split into three sections will crop the image quite a bit.  These sections are at the original ratio of 4 x 6 or 24 x 36, with a total wall coverage of 74 wide x 36 tall.

Increasing the size of the display  will maintain more of the image.  These sections are at a ratio of 3 x 5, or in this instance 30 x 50, with a total wall coverage of 90 wide x 50 tall.

To print the entire image in a triptych, without cropping to maintain the entire image, the individual sections of the triptych need to be at a ratio of 7 x 10 or in this instance, 35 x 70 to create an image which is a total of 105 wide by 70 tall. 

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