Photography and Hiking Workshops

Photographing Lake Tahoe

Finding the perfect location when you are unfamiliar with an area can be daunting. Factor in the task of finding the best location based on the clouds, weather, and composition, and your options become endlessly complicated. After twelve years of photographing Lake Tahoe, I know locations on the North and East shore like the back of my hand. Join me for a half or full day on Lake Tahoe, scouting locations, observing how the light changes throughout the day, learning how to compose unique, beautiful images in all types of situations.

For sunrise, our day begins anywhere between 430am and 630am as the light show can begin up to an hour before the sun rises. We're done between 9am and 12noon depending on the season and weather.  Sunset shoots are easier to coordinate and will begin late afternoon, the time again depending on the season.  Approximately four hours total, lingering at our selected location until all of the light fades from the sky.

Each session will be custom tailored to your expectations, and if the sky doesn't light up for us, at least you'll have the skills and know where to go to capture the moment the next time.  

Photography and Hiking

Hiking in the Magnificent Sierra Nevada Mountains around Lake Tahoe with a professional photographer opens your awareness to the beauty which appears every step of the way. The experience causes you to slow down, to become still and immerse in the present moment so completely that the sounds of the world fade away, leaving your mind completely absorbed in the light and color. Understanding how light illuminates and how to see it will allow you to capture greater depths of beauty with your camera.

Sometimes the perfect image is easy to find, it's simply a short walk down to the Lake, or a quick iPhone shot from the Visitor's Overlook.  But the best images usually involve a hike.  Imagine a strenuous trek through towering trees, coming out in the middle of a field of wildflowers where hummingbirds stop to say hello. Or hiking 1000 vertical feet to the Mt. Rose Summit where butterflies swarm and chubby chipmunks pose patiently, backlit by blue skies and the shimmering surface of Lake Tahoe.  Perhaps your favorite season is Autumn. Come wander through a forest of golden aspen trees, leaves rustling in the cool breeze, a moment in time forever in your heart, captured with the instruction of a professional photographer.  

As these journeys are offered on a limited basis due to the seasonal nature of the images, early signup is strongly suggested. Some events may appear on Facebook with short notice if flowers begin appearing earlier, or an unexpected weather condition is imminent.  Rain can provide amazing opportunities to capture otherworldly images.  In other words, if you're local, please try to be flexible and keep in touch.  Participants will be required to bring a backpack, water, snacks, sunscreen and their camera, and will be expected to have fun.  Please note, this is not an opportunity to take thousands of images.  It's an opportunity to understand how to be selective, to learn how to capture the perfect moment and bring it home with you, creating memories to last a lifetime. 

For more information and to schedule a workshop with me, or purchase one as a gift, please click on the Contact button below.

Lake Tahoe Sunrise Sunset instruction    

4 hours    


Hiking and Photography Adventure    

4 - 6 hours     


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