$375 per hr

All of your images displayed in a private gallery

50 plus professionally edited images.

Touchups $20 per image​

Families    Seniors    Engagements

Headshots     Groups


Untitled photo



$3000 for eight hours of coverage 

All of your images displayed in a private gallery  

300 plus professionally edited images. ​

$250 each additional hour

Touchups $20 per image​

Getting Ready    First Look      Family Formals    Ceremony     Toasts    Dancing


$1250 for three hours of coverage

All of your images displayed in a private gallery

 200 plus professionally edited images. ​

$300 each additional hour. ​

Fundraisers    Concerts    Parties

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I love surprises and making people laugh out loud.

And then capturing that unbridled, unrehearsed joy with my camera. 

A portrait session should be fun and reveal more than your serious side.  Consider it an hour spent playing with me in front of my camera.  We'll start serious, give everyone a little time to relax, then get down to the fun part.  When was the last time you did a headstand, had a snowball fight, maybe a coordinated piggyback ride?  When you're with me, anything goes.  If you have something you're passionate about, or the kids or fur babies have favorite squeaky toys, or a musical instrument, bring them along. (Can a baby fit in a tuba?) And if someone wants to wear an outfit from Burning Man...

well let's just say, I'd never judge.

The secret to success in everything in life? Be yourself.

All of your images will be edited and sent to you in a zip file,  they are yours to keep forever.  You'll also have your own private gallery to browse  and share with friends and family.  Use the download button under an image to copy to your computer. Print them anywhere you like, but if you need recommendations, or help creating a memory book from the day, I'm here for you.  Travel allowance for on-location photography to be determined beforehand. 

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