Speaking Engagements

In August of 2016, I left Reno, Nevada and headed off the grid, traveling all over the Southwest, ending up in Florida, and driving all the way back to Lake Tahoe. From beginning to end, from stuck to unstuck, from veils to enlightenment, I've experienced some of the happiest moments ever on my eight month Journey, and one moment that was incomprehensible to me at the time, but now makes perfect sense. That's how life is, if you wait, if you have faith in a higher being, if you have the courage to let everything go, the good and the bad, if you can open up your heart and pray for change, and if you're willing to be fearless and trust in God, you will find a life you've never imagined was possible.

I love sharing my inspirational story with people who need encouragement, who might be stuck in their own lives. People who just need to take a step, any step, in the right direction, and find their True North.

My presentation lasts an hour, and is accompanied by a short video. If the room permits, I have twelve images and twelve stories to share. Please contact me if you feel I would be a good fit with your group.

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